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Steelcalc - Get a Quote

Your current location is United States (US) (

Your Operating Systems is Unknown OS

Sorry, your current operating system is NOT supported by Steelcalc 6.You can use Steelcalc 6 on the Operating Systems shown below.

Have you tried Steelcalc 6 yet? - For a free Demo copy of Steelcalc 6 click on the above link Request Demo to register for a Steelcalc Demo Account. Once an account has been created you can download and try the Steelcalc 6 Demo with no time limit.

Get a free quote for your Steelcalc operating needs. After filling in the number of copies and type of software you require submit the details for a full quotation.

Did you find the product or manufacturer you were looking for? If you would like to add a new manufacturer or product to the current library then contact us with the details.

Steelcalc version 6 is available for the following operating systems. An active internet access is required.

  • Windows 10 - 32 and 64 Bit
  • Windows 8.1 - 32 and 64 Bit
  • Windows 8 - 32 and 64 Bit
  • Windows 7 - 32 and 64 Bit

What Steelcalc Loading Data Library would you like? We offer two different libraries versions. You can purchase both.

  • BS-476-21 Library Version ?
  • EN(ETA) Library version (Available in Own System (Intumescents) only)

What Steelcalc package would you like? You can mix different systems together, for example you can select a Multi-System and an Individual System if required.

  • Multi-System (This includes : Intumescents, Boards and Sprays) ?
  • Individual-System - Intumescents Only ?
  • Individual-System - Sprays Only
  • Individual-System - Boards Only
  • Own-System - Select one manufacturer and their products ?

I would like to continue with the maintenance agreement after the first year ?

Please enter the number of copies you would wish to purchase

Steelcalc Versions Quantities Selections
(BS-476-21) Multi Intumescents, Boards and Sprays
(BS-476-21) Individual
(BS-476-21) Own


Please give details of your company name and contact details

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