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Steelcalc v6 Demo Version


Register to get Steelcalc v6 Demo Version

Steelcalc v6 Demo is only available to registered Demo Users. To register please fill in the details below

Note: Please allow one or two working days for your registration details to be sent to you. This is NOT an automatic process and a demo version will only be sent out if registration is successful.

Commercial Use Only

FPSI Limited will only send out Demo versions to commercial businesses only. The business must also have a valid email address. @GMail email address cannot be excepted.


The registering for a Steelcalc demo is NOT an automatic process. We require a valid Company Web Site (commercial) for your business for the registration to be successful so please be careful when entering your web site address.


Please give details of your companies name and contact details

Company Name :
Contact Name :
Address Line 1 :
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Company Web Site Address : http://
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Steelcalc v6 Demo is only available as a download. If registration is successful then you will receive download instructions through the email address you provide so please be careful when entering your details.