Steelcalc Version 7

Steelcalc Version 7 - access Design Codes Failure Temperatures!

What's new in Steelcalc Version 7

Responding to changes in the specifications of different Failure Temperatures recently in the UK, the all new Steelcalc 7 is released!

This is being made available to you, to provide a truly comprehensive package. This now covers both Eurocode and BS5950 designs in Yellow Book 5, along with ASFP Advisory Note N312. Our software, has been designed to handle a future simplified approach planned for 2021 and Yellow Book 6.

There are now two tables of Failure Temperatures in YB5 – Table 16 (Eurocodes – EN1993 & 1994) and Table 17 (BS5950). The choices are based upon building occupancy with steel type and orientation.

Apart from long-standing projects to BS476 in the UK, all new contracts have to meet one or other of these Design Codes. If this is not known, then the Defaults must be selected.

The DFT’s are calculated on the industry standard ‘straight line’ interpolation, between DFT’s at 50ºC intervals, as issued in Product Assessments or Certificates.

You will be able to:

  1. Access over 30 different intumescent products that meet the new criteria, as notified by Manufacturers
  2. Transfer an existing Steelcalc Project into any of the Design Codes
  3. At Project creation select the Table and Building Type. Steelcalc 7 will automatically use the required Failure Temperature from Table 16 or 17
  4. Change Building Type criteria, should these change

You should:

  1. Please make sure that your computer system is up to date with all the latest Windows© updates.
  2. Steelcalc version 7 requires the Windows© .NET Version 4.8 to function correctly
  3. Check with your customer if the Design Code is not stated. Use Eurocode Default if unknown
  4. Obtain new DFT's for Cellular Beams from Manufacturers if changing to or between codes

BS476-21 Users

After you update your system to Steelcalc Version 7 and start Steelcalc running you will have available to you two different Test Data system options.

  1. Eurocode and BS5950
  2. BS476-21

You will need to select which Test Data system you require by simply clicking on the required system. When selected Steelcalc will switch to the required Test Data System. Once loaded you can start to use the new data.

Note : You cannot open a BS476-21 project if you have Eurocode and BS5950 selected or the other way around. Steelcalc will prompt you to change systems.

Creating a new Steelcalc Project

At the time of a new Project creation you will see a list of the available Tables and Building Types. Please select the one required. You are able to reformat your complete Project to another Table and Building Type after the creation if a change has been made.

Changes to Steelcalc Version 7

  • Report Styling - You can now select your own font style and font size
  • Report Orientation - You can now select between Landscape and Portrait
  • Containers - You can now select up to 4 containers sizes
  • Increase/Decrease Font Size - You can now change the default screen font used by Steelcalc
  • No Basecoat - You can now ask Steelcalc not to calculate the quantities required for basecoats
  • Primers - The primers editor layout has changed for clearer input. You can also add a wastage to primers
  • Topseals - The Topseals editor has moved. Topseals can be found by using the main menu bar Topseals icon or by clicking the Topseals tab in the Calculations form. You can also add a wastage percentage to Topseals
  • Topseals Coats- You can enter up to a maximum of three coats for Topseals
  • Topseal Selection - You can now select which Topseal to use for you selected Product inside Steelcalc Explorer
  • Steelcalc Explorer - New filter options have been included where you can hide products that you don't want to see. You can also search for a product that exists in your Steelcalc explorer window
  • Steelcalc Explorer - View Products with Records facility - You can now delete all records from a selected Product
  • Replace Facility - The Replace Facility will now appear in the main section of Steelcalc giving you greater functionality of the product grid
  • Steelcalc Explorer - Containers - You can now select which container sizes you would like to use when calculating quantity required

Full details of all the changes and how to use them are available in the Steelcalc version 7 help file. So once installed please take the time to read the What's changed in Steelcalc section.