Steelcalc Tutorials


Steelcalc Software Tutorial Part 1

Steelcalc Form Layout and Create New Intumescent Project. This tutorial will explain the layout of the main Steelcalc form and then you will see how you create your Steelcalc Intumescent projects.

Steelcalc Software Tutorial Part 2

Open a Steelcalc Project and Input Steel Sections. This tutorial will show you how to open previously created Steelcalc projects and you will see how easy it is to select your required steel section, steel size and then enter the required data before you add the record to your Steelcalc project grid.

Steelcalc Software Tutorial Part 3

Add Products and Copy, Cut and Paste. This tutorial will show you how to add another Product to your Steelcalc Project, Copy, Cut product records, then paste from one Hourly Protection to another Hourly Protection and Paste from one product to another product. You can also paste from one Steelcalc Project to another.

Steelcalc Software Tutorial Part 4

How to use the Totals and Reports Builder. This tutorial will show you how to create and print the many reports available in the Steelcalc Software.

Steelcalc Software Tutorial Part 5

Basic use of the Steelcalc Cost Adjuster. This tutorial will show you how to enter your prices for your Basecoats and Topseals. It will also show you how to enter and edit your own Overheads. This is a great tool for finishing off your quotations.